We Buy Gold Nyc

We Buy Gold Nyc

There are a number of reasons why this may be the time to think about selling your gold. With the current gold prices at near-record levels, it really doesn’t matter what your reason is, and if you sell gold now, you will get paid more than any other time in history. DD Buyers make it incredibly easy to sell your gold to us. All you have to do is request your appraisal kit, wait for it in the mail, and then mail off your gold items in an insured envelope. We buy gold in NYC at prices that are higher than any other gold buyer in the city, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

At DD Buyers, we are referred to as the top rated buyers of precious metals, and we buy gold in NYC, and throughout the world. With over twenty years of experience as certified gold purchasers, we have developed innovative ideas and we have the resources and the professional tools, along with several strong business relationships with many of the top businesses throughout the globe. This allows us to offer you a fair and competitive price on your gold, instead of only offering you a fraction of what it’s worth. Whether you have gold that is no longer in style, or perhaps you may have a piece of jewelry that brings back an unwanted memory, sometimes it’s better to sell it, rather that just keep it tucked away.

Sometimes, bad things can happen to your fine jewelry. Earrings could twist beyond repair, or maybe you might lose one, making the pair ineffective. Necklace chains could become bent and mangled, and may be really costly to restore. You may additionally possess a watch which has not told time of years. You may have even inherited some type of gold jewelry, and it’s just not something that has any sentimental value, and you would rather just have the cash. Whatever the situation might be, sometimes jewelry ends up as a terrible enough problem where it's worth every penny for you to simply sell it off.

Everybody is able to utilize a bit cash nowadays. Unemployment rates are actually high, as well as the recession is still lingering on. Not to mention, tax time is almost upon us once again, and in case you owe money, selling your gold will able to help relieve the economic burden. In case your budget is actually strapped for cash, which is one of the reasons why we buy gold in NYC,  right now could be a great moment to look through your old jewelry boxes to find out if you can sell something that you just don't want any longer.

If you would like some additional information regarding the process for selling your gold to us, DD Buyers would like to invite you to visit our website. At ddbuyers.com, you can order your kit directly on our home page, where you can also leave your information. You can also call us at 646.736.7321, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.

We Buy Gold Nyc
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We Buy Gold Nyc We Buy Gold Nyc We Buy Gold Nyc We Buy Gold Nyc We Buy Gold Nyc


If you are in need of a pawn loan and not looking to sell your gold or other valuable jewelry like a Rolex watch, coin, diamond engagement ring, or anything else of value, then you can inquire about our pawn loan services in the NYC area. We will be happy to hold on to your valuable item and give you a cash loan right away. You can then use that money for whatever needs you have at the moment.