Cash For Gold Nyc

Cash For Gold Nyc

If you could use a little extra cash these days, you are certainly not alone. Many people need to get a hold of some extra money, especially in today’s economy. Although the experts say that the recession ended years ago, it just can’t seem to go away for many of the people who are still struggling because they have lost their jobs, their homes and their way of life. You may have held on to some type of gold over the years, thinking that the prices would continue to rise, but they have fallen stagnant. At DD Buyers, we pay the guaranteed most cash for gold in NYC to those who need to sell it.

At DD Buyers, we are known as the leading gold buyers in the city, and we pay the absolute most cash for gold in NYC, and worldwide. With over twenty years in the gold business, we know the best ways that we are able to pay you the most for your gold and other precious metals. We are certified buyers, and we pay the best prices for your gold jewelry, watches and other forms of gold. You can check out several websites and other gold buyers’ shops, and you will realize that we really do give you a fair and honest price, and not just a fraction of what it’s worth.

In case you are interested in selling your old gold jewelry, gold coins, old platinum jewelry, or even gold scrap, then you have most likely wondered if selling these items to an internet gold broker is actually a wise idea. In reality, selling your old gold jewelry  and gold scrap to an internet gold broker could be not merely a great concept, but an experience that you should find to be gratifying. Selling gold to an internet buyer is the easiest method to get money for your gold. Frequently the largest barrier for people who want to sell their old gold jewelry, class rings, platinum jewelry, or even gold scrap, is actually the dread of the hassle of selling their items to local buyers or even pawnshops.

Then, there are the people who feel the complete opposite, and would feel much more comfortable making these transactions in a store, face to face. They feel that it’s just too risky to process this type of sale through the postal system, and the thought of sending their gold away to a stranger poses much more of a risk. Luckily, at DD Buyers, we handle both types of transactions, through the mail, and in person, in our beautiful showroom, located in the diamond district in NYC.

If you would like some additional information regarding how to get the most cash for gold in NYC, DD Buyers would like to invite your to visit our website. At, you can order your appraisal kit, and leave your contact information, for a fast response. You can also call us at 646.736.7321, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps.   


Cash For Gold Nyc
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Cash For Gold Nyc Cash For Gold Nyc Cash For Gold Nyc Cash For Gold Nyc Cash For Gold Nyc


If you are in need of a pawn loan and not looking to sell your gold or other valuable jewelry like a Rolex watch, coin, diamond engagement ring, or anything else of value, then you can inquire about our pawn loan services in the NYC area. We will be happy to hold on to your valuable item and give you a cash loan right away. You can then use that money for whatever needs you have at the moment.