Pawnbroker Diamond District Manhattan

Finding the right pawnbroker in the diamond district of Manhattan is very important whenever you want to buy or sell items like jewelry, gold, silver or diamonds. There are quite a few shops that will be willing to help you, but none of them have the experience and attention to customer service that Diamond District Buyers can offer. We have been in the pawnbroker business for years and over that time we have learned that it is far better to offer fair prices and kind service to our customers so they will come back time after time than to always try to squeeze every dollar out of each deal.

With this philosophy we have been able to meet the needs of thousands of customers, and we’re confident we can help you as well. Whether you want to bring in some old gold or jewelry for a free appraisal, or you want to look through our extensive inventory of items for sale we are always available to serve you. We can even offer you a free appraisal of your gold, jewelry or other valuable items through the mail using a secured envelope.


Pawnbroker Diamond District Manhattan | Buying Your Valuables

Pawnbroker Diamond District Manhattan | Buying Your ValuablesWhether you are a little short on cash and want to sell some valuables or you are just trying to get rid of some old and unwanted jewelry we are here to help. We will buy virtually any type of gold, silver, diamond or most other nice jewelry for top dollar. The items which you no longer wear might be something that someone else will love and cherish so why have it simply collect dust in your jewelry box. Bring it in to our expert appraisers and we will give you a fair offer for all of your valuables.

It is also important to keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what kind of condition your jewelry is in. We often buy broken gold chains, for example, from our customers. We can then either have them repaired or have them melted down into pure gold to resell. Since we buy a lot of gold and other precious metals we are able to buy all types in virtually any amount from our customers.


Pawnbroker Diamond District Manhattan | We are Here for You

DD Buyers is one of the most experienced pawnbrokers in the diamond district of Manhattan. We have been here for our customers for many years and we are working hard to ensure that we will be here for you long into the future as well. Whether you are interested in buying from our inventory of great items or selling something you no longer want, we can give you the best prices in both cases. You’ll be happy with the results every time you come into our convenient shop.
If you have any questions about buying or selling with the best pawnbroker in the diamond district of Manhattan just give us a call at 646-736-7321 and we’ll be glad to talk with you today.


Diamond Buyers Looking for Quality Stones

Many people wonder why diamond buyers in the New York area want to purchase used diamond jewelry or loose diamonds from people.  Most people who sell diamonds are just trying to clean out their jewelry boxes of old unwanted or broken pieces so they might not understand why anyone would want to pay so much for them.  Buying diamonds can be a very profitable business if you know what you’re doing and have all the right things in place for it.

There are many different types of diamonds which can be bought and sold and each one presents different opportunities for the diamond buyers.  Of course, the people selling diamonds to them also get a lot out of this transaction so it is a real win-win situation for everyone involved.


Giving Cash for Diamond Jewelry

When you’re selling diamond jewelry that doesn’t have any problem with it, but you just don’t like it, the diamond buyers in New York can often resell the item.  As you likely know, the fashion preferences of each person is different so something you might not like could be the dream piece for someone else.  In addition, many people want to sell diamonds that they got from ex boyfriends or husbands so while the piece may still be beautiful, it comes with too many emotions to keep.

Places like Diamond District Buyers can give the seller cash for the jewelry they no longer want.  The seller can then use the cash to buy anything they’d like that doesn’t come with any unwanted emotional feelings.  The diamond buyers can then turn around and sell that price for a profit to someone who will absolutely love the piece.


Sell Diamonds from broken Jewelry or Loose diamonds

If you’ve got loose diamonds from broken jewelry or anywhere else, they are likely of little use to you.  A good diamond buyer in New York, however, can take that stone and remount it in a new setting and resell it for a nice profit.  They could also sell it to another jeweler who would do the same thing.  There are many options available to people who have the right contacts or equipment.  Of course they also have to have a retail place to sell these items for a profit.

Since individual diamond sellers don’t have these types of relationships set up or retail stores to use, they can’t do it all on their own.  That’s why the relationship between diamond buyers and those who want to sell diamonds is such a good one.  Everyone is getting something that they couldn’t get on their own.  If you’re interested in getting rid of some old or unwanted diamonds just come in to Diamond District Buyers today and we’ll give you a free appraisal.  If you’re happy with our offer you can walk out with cash today.  If you’re not willing to accept the price, you can keep your diamonds and the information we provided free of charge.  There’s never any obligation to sell so there’s no risk at all.


Get Cash for Diamonds in NY

Get Cash for Diamonds in NYMost people have seen all the signs going up in storefronts that say they will buy your gold, and while that is a great way to get some money, there are others as well.  We will pay cash for diamonds, in addition to gold, silver and other precious items like this.  Diamond District Buyers are one of the most flexible buyers of these types of things because we have the experience need to know what we’re doing on all precious metals and gems.  So, if you want to sell diamonds for cash, you’ll want to come in to our shop today.


What Types of Diamonds Can You Sell

Many people in the New York area might be wondering how they can sell diamonds.  It’s not like most people have a bag full of loose diamonds sitting around in their home.  While this is true, many people do have diamond jewelry that they either no longer like or is broken so they don’t wear it.  Whether you’ve got a huge engagement ring from a failed marriage or smaller diamond earrings, we’d be happy to buy them all from you.

Many people have built up quite a collection of old jewelry through the years, so this is a great way to get cash for diamonds you no longer want.  It not only gets you quite a bit of money which you can then use for anything you need, but it will also help clean out your jewelry box and make more room for new things!  This is truly a win-win situation for you since you often didn’t even want the items anyway.


How Much Can you Get When Selling Diamonds

The total amount you can get will depend a lot on which diamond buyers in NY you use.  Some places don’t have the experience to get a good appraisal of the stones so they will offer you a low price which ensures they don’t have any risk in the purchase.  If you come to Diamond District Buyers, however, we will offer you a price based on the true value of the diamonds you’re selling.  We have all the high tech equipment to get an exact value on every type of stone.

In addition, we can appraise most types of jewelry so we can give you a fair price on the whole piece and not just the diamond.  This often allows us to pay you quite a bit more than you could get from other places in the area.  The way we make an offer will start with us getting to know exactly what the item is including the karats and other important information. We’ll them make an offer based on its retail value.

If we’re able to come up with an amount that you find acceptable than we can make a deal right away.  You can sign some quick paperwork and walk out with the cash today.  This is one of the fastest ways to get rid of unwanted diamonds, and get good cash for it anywhere in New York.


Learning How to Sell Diamonds in NY

Learning How to Sell Diamonds in NYIf you’ve got loose diamonds or diamond jewelry that you no longer need, or you need the cash more, then you should take a moment to learn to sell diamonds quickly and easily.  Just like gold and silver, diamonds are very valuable and you can get cash for diamonds easily if you know where to go.  If you want to make the process as simple as possible, and get as much money as possible, it is important to learn as much as you can about the process of selling diamond stones in NYC.


Finding Diamond Buyers in New York

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out where you can go to sell your diamonds.  There are often pawn shops all over town that you can use, and while they will be happy to take the diamons for you, you won’t likely get the price you want unless you go to the right place.  You want to go somewhere that has been specializing in buying diamonds for years and knows how to properly evaluate the value of each diamond they look at.

Diamond District Buyers is one of the top places in NYC where you can sell diamonds for cash, and sill get a fair price.  The expert buyers at this shop have all the equipment they need to be able to rate the value of the diamond based on all the important factors.  In addition, if you’re selling diamond jewelry our experts can evaluate the total value of the piece, not just the diamond itself.  This is a big advantage because in many cases a piece of jewelry is worth quite a bit more than just the total value of each component of the piece.


Know the Value Before You Sell Diamonds

It is also important to have a good idea of the value of your diamonds before you go in to sell.  If you purchased the diamond yourself then this shouldn’t be too hard since you’ll know what it was worth when you bought it.  You should also know how many karats it is, and the details about the cut and clarity as well.  This will give you a good idea about how much you can expect to get when you sell your diamonds.

Just keep in mind that you’re selling a used item to a retail shop so don’t expect to get the same amount as if you were buying it from them.  That being said, however, this process is much more convenient than trying to sell diamonds on consignment or finding someone who is looking for the exact type of diamond you have on the open market.  Most customers are extremely happy with the amount of money they can get for their diamonds and love that they can walk out of the shop with cash almost immediately.

So, if you have any type of diamond that you’d like to sell, please bring it in to Diamond District Buyers for a free appraisal.  We’ll make you an offer to buy it and if you agree then you can be walking out with a pocket full of cash today.