What types of Gold do we buy

One of the questions that we are most frequently asked here at DDBuyers is, “what kind of gold do you buy?” The simplest answer is that we buy any type of gold that you happen to have. We have been in the gold buying business for many years, and over that time we have built business relationships with people throughout the industry. This means that we can take any type of gold you might have, and either turn it into a valuable product or sell it to someone who can.

This gives us some amazing added flexibility that our competitors simply can’t beat. This has helped us to be one of the most successful gold buyers in Clifton, NJ. In addition, however, it helps allow us to pay the most cash for gold in Clifton, NJ. This is really a win-win situation for us and our customers.


Specific types of Gold

Of course, most people are looking for a more specific answer to the question about what type of gold we are able to buy. We are happy to answer that as well. If you happen to have something that is not on this list, however, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss the specifics of your item. In most cases, we’ll be able to buy it from you right away.
• Gold Jewelry – We specialize in buying all types of jewelry, including that which is made of gold. When we pay cash for gold jewelry, we factor in not only the amount of gold that is contained in the item, but also the other precious metals or gems that come with it. This allows us to pay far more than the competition.
• Gold Watches – Whether you have a watch that is still working, or one that died long ago, we’re happy to take it off your hands. Once again, we’ll pay you the true value of the piece. Whether that means just the value of the gold, or the overall value of the watch, we’ll pay whichever is greater.
• Gold Coins – Collecting gold coins is more popular than ever, and we’re happy to take these items off your hands. We can pay top dollar for all types of coins. In most cases, the value is determined based on the weight of the coin. For antique or historic coins, however, they may be worth even more.
• Gold Bars – We can buy almost any amount of gold you have, so bring it all in. If you’ve got a gold bar, we’ll pay you top dollar for it. This type of flexibility in buying makes us the perfect place to get cash for gold in Clifton, NJ.
• Random Pieces – Some people pick up small gold nuggets, or pieces of a broken gold chain, or any number of other things. If you bring them into our shop, we’ll be glad to buy them from you.
The bottom line is, we’ll buy any type of gold you have, no matter how little or how much. When you’re ready to sell, call us at 646-736-7321, or just walk right in to our shop located at 55 West 47th St, New York, NY 10036.


Tips for Selling Gold in New York

Tips for Selling Gold in New YorkIf you’re one of the many people who are thinking about selling any gold they have for cash, you’ll want to start by learning a little bit about the process.  The more you know, the more you’ll be able to get for your gold and the easier your expeirence will be.  It is important to know which gold buyers to go to and how to sell gold for the most money possible.  With that in mind, we’ve created these quick and simple tips for helping you get started.


Before Finding Gold Buyers You Should…

The first thing you’re going to want to do if you’re interested in learning to sell gold is to take an inventory of everything you have.  Gold buyers will be happy to buy just about any type of gold you can come up with so go through your entire home to see if you can come up with more items than you thought.  You can sell gold coins, gold jewelry, gold watches and much more.  Some people have found that they had old items that relatives passed down to them over the years just sitting in the attic or other storage areas.

While it may not be too much fun, it is well worth your time and effort even if you just find one extra item that you can sell.  With the price of gold so high today, you’ll be glad yo put in the effort to get as much as you can.  There’s no way to know how long the price of gold will stay this high so you should act quickly.

With everything found that you want to sell, you’re going to want to try to get at least a ball park estimate of how much you’ll get.  You can do this by figuring out how pure each item is, and how much it weighs.  For many pieces you’ll know exactly what it is because you bought it in the past, but some things you’ll just have to estimate on.


Choosing the right Gold Buyers in NYC

Once you’ve got all your gold it is time to bring it down to a gold buyer to see how much you can get.  You’ll want to find a company that’s been doing this type of thing for a long time as they are more likely to have the right equipment for testing and weighing gold.  The new ‘fly by night’ companies who are doing this often have to offer you lower prices because they can’t get as accurate of an assessment on your items.

We recommend using Diamond District Buyers since we’ve been in this business a long time and we’re always happy to help people sell gold.  We buy gold everyday and we know that if we consistently offer our customers the most money possible for their gold, they will come back again and again.  Our appraisal is always free and comes with no obligation so come in today, you’ve got nothing to lose.