Who Sells their Jewelry

Many people who are thinking about selling their jewelry for the first time wonder whether this is something that a lot of people do or not. They also often wonder what type of people tend to sell jewelry in Warrant County. While we certainly can’t give out any names or other specifics related to this information, we thought it may be helpful to provide some general answers to this question.

You may be surprised to hear what a wide range of different people choose to sell their jewelry in this area. Whether this helps you to sell your jewelry or not, it is always good to learn as much as you can about this type of thing before making a final decision.


Who is Selling their Jewelry

The following is just a partial list of the different types of people who decide that they want to sell their jewelry. The fact is, there is really no single group of people who don’t come into our shop to sell their jewelry, so this list is by no means exhaustive.
• Low Income Families – Perhaps not surprisingly, we often get low income families who decide to sell their jewelry because they need the money for something more important. In some cases, being able to sell jewelry in Warren County helps them to get through a particularly difficult situation.
• High Income Families – On the opposite end of the spectrum we sometimes see very high income families or individuals come in with jewelry they want to sell. They may decide that they have too much, or just want to clean out their jewelry collection to make room for newer items.
• Individuals who Inherited Jewelry – Another common category of people we see is those who have recently inherited jewelry from a loved one. If the jewelry is not something that they like, or there is no sentimental value to them, they often prefer selling it so they have the cash to do something else with.
• Recently Divorced – After a divorce many people want to get rid of items that remind them of their ex. Engagement rings or other jewelry that they may have gotten as a gift can be very painful reminders.
• Regular Sellers – We have some people who make a good living buying jewelry from people on sites like CraigsList or eBay and then selling the items to us. Since most people on those sites are just looking to get rid of it, they sell it for a very low price. The regular buyers can then turn around and sell to us for a handsome profit.
As mentioned above, there is really no class of people who doesn’t ever sell their jewelry. Whether you are looking to sell one item one time to get through a difficult situation, or you are just looking to get rid of some jewelry, or you want to start a business buying and selling jewelry, make sure you contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have, and make you a free, no obligation offer to buy almost any type of jewelry you happen to have.

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