You’re Selling Your Jewelry Why?

As a company that has been buying jewelry for years, we have heard just about every reason you can imagine for why people want to sell jewelry in Sussex County. For most people it is either about getting the cash they need for something, or just to clean out old or broken jewelry. Every once in a while, however, a customer gives a truly memorable reason why they want to sell their jewelry to us.
The following are five examples of this. Of course, we are not providing any names or other identifiable information to help protect the identity of our customers. The bottom line, however, is that these items may show you that there is no bad reason for wanting to sell your jewelry.


Reason #1 – My Bird Doesn’t Like it

One very nice lady came into our shop with a large diamond pendant that appeared to be almost brand new. When we asked why she wanted to sell it, she replied that she had gotten it for Christmas only two years ago, but she could not wear it because her bird hated it. Apparently she had a large tropical bird that would ‘go crazy’ every time she put it on. She had owned the bird for over twenty years, and didn’t want to cause it any unnecessary stress.


Reason #2 – Bail Out a Loved One

One the surface this one isn’t that unusual. Many people have sold jewelry in order to bail a loved one out from jail. In this case, however, the loved one was in jail for attempting to steal a different piece of jewelry. The details are too specific to give without identifying the individual, but suffice it to say that rather than having two pieces of jewelry at the end of the day, this lovely lady had none and she was none too happy with her husband about the situation.


Reason #3 – Plastic Surgery

This one is not exactly unheard of, but the situation was particularly memorable. An attractive young lady brought in a very nice piece of jewelry to sell so she could pay for breast implants. Apparently she and her boyfriend had gotten in an argument about the amount of jewelry she had, and he commented that the implants would look better than the jewelry anyway. She was so upset that she was going to get the implants and then leave him. We never heard how the story ended, but it was certainly something we will never forget.


Reason #4 – Charity

It is always heartwarming when someone does something completely selfless. One couple came into our shop with a fairly large amount of jewelry that they wanted to sell. They had just returned from a mission’s trip to a very poor country, and they had felt inspired to do more to help. With this goal in mind, they sold all of this jewelry and used it all to help the people of that country in a variety of ways.


Reason #5 – New Year’s Eve Party

Another couple arrived in early December wanting to sell a couple pieces of jewelry because they were going to be leaving the New York area in January and they wanted to throw a huge New Year’s Eve party for all their friends. They got more than enough money to rent out the hall of their choice and pay for an event that they will never forget.
As you can see, there are an almost endless number of reasons why people choose to sell jewelry in Sussex County. If you have jewelry that you no longer wear, or just don’t need for any reason, consider bringing it into our shop and seeing just how much you can get paid for it.

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