Sell Gold Jewelry New York

Sell Gold Jewelry New YorkIf you’re going to sell gold jewelry in New York, you want to be paid as much as possible. It’s hard to deny the fact that you want to make as much cash as possible. If we are going to pay you what your gold jewelry is worth based upon London P.M. standards, it’s pointless to go anywhere else where you may not be paid as much money. The point is, we offer the highest payouts.


Sell Gold Jewelry in New York for Cash

When you want to sell gold jewelry in New York, it’s important that you receive cash. There’s no telling what you need the cash for, but it will be a whole lot easier for you if you are given payment in the form of cash. This makes it easier for you to spend it and spend it quickly. Especially if you don’t have a bank account, the last thing that you want to be handed is a check.

Too many places tell you that they buy gold and when you go in to sell your gold, you find out that they are going to give you a store credit. You can’t pay your rent with a store credit and you certainly can’t go on vacation with a store credit. As a result, you really aren’t getting the true value for the gold jewelry that you wish to sell.

You don’t have to sell gold jewelry in New York to just anyone. If you want cash, then you need to find someone who will pay you in cash. At DD Buyers, we make sure to have enough cash on hand at all times to be able to pay you in the form of currency that works the most effectively for you.


Sell Gold Jewelry in New York for Market Value

Most of the time, when you sell gold jewelry in New York, you are going to get market value. Market value means what the London p.m. value is for the day on gold. There are times when you do not want to sell your gold based upon weight, however. Such instances would be when you have vintage jewelry, gold jewelry with stones, as well as name brand gold jewelry, such as Cartier or Bvlgari.

Many pawnshops and jewelers in town will only give you market value as it pertains to weight. They have no sense of what real market value is on gold jewelry because they are only gold buyers. If you have really nice gold jewelry, you want to be able to sell gold jewelry in New York knowing that you are making the most money possible from it.

You should never have to settle for a lower value than what you know your jewelry is worth. You can receive an estimate from us whenever you bring your jewelry in. We have a convenient location on West 47th Street to make it easy for you to stop in at any time.

It will be easy to get an appraisal from us. You can call us to get an estimate as to what the gold jewelry is worth before you come in and try to sell it. Depending upon what kind of gold jewelry it is, we will be able to tell you whether it is going to be worth market value based upon gold weight or whether it may be worth something more.

Since you want to earn as much money as possible when you sell gold jewelry in New York, it pays to know where to go. Once you step inside of our location, you will see why so many people trust us as the gold buyers that they rely on over and over again in New York City.

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