Getting Cash for Gold Easily in NY

Getting Cash for Gold Easily in NYYou’ve undoubtedly seen all the ‘we buy gold’ signs going up in stores around the New York area, and are maybe thinking about selling some of the gold you have.  This is a great way to get some easy money as well as getting rid of any unwanted gold items.  Whether you’re selling old jewelry or gold coins, you can get quite a bit of money very quickly.
Our professional gold buyers are here for you every day to give you a free appraisal on any type of gold you might have.  We’ll quickly determine the purity of the gold, and how much of it you have so we can make you a fair offer.  If you’re happy with what we offer you, you can walk out with cash today!  If you decide you don’t want to sell the gold after all, you’re under no obligation to sell so you have nothing to loose!


Why Do Stores Pay Cash for Gold

You might be wondering why we offer such high prices for buying your gold.  The price per ounce of gold has been skyrocketing over the past several years which makes this a very good time to be buying or selling gold.  We have the ability to buy gold from people, offering them a very fair price.  We can then take that gold and either resell it at retail prices or sell it to companies that need it for a variety of different reasons.

Since we get a high volume of gold on a regular basis we are able to negotiate high prices with everyone we sell it to.  This allows us to offer you the biggest payments for your gold anywhere in New York.  Our customers are happy with the amount of money they are able to get, and we’re happy that we can buy it and make a fair profit on the transaction. This is a great scenario for everyone involved. 


What types of Gold Do You Buy

If you have something with gold in it, we’re more than happy to take a look and make you an offer.  Even small amounts of gold today can bring in good money, so it is well worth it for you to consider bringing it in.  Of course, there are some types of gold which we get a lot more of than other types, and we’ll list a few to try to help give you ideas of what types of things you might have that you can sell.

  • Sell Gold Coins – Gold coins have been a popular investment tool for years, so if you’re looking to cash out now is a great time.  With the price of gold at historic highs, you can often make a huge profit on these items.
  • Sell Gold Jewelry – Whether its just something you no longer want, or a piece of broken jewelry, we can buy it from you and put it to good use.  Our customers love buying gold jewelry, and any items that are broken can be melted down to make new pieces later.
  • Gold Watches – Working or not, we’re happy to buy most types of watches and especially gold watches.  These are very valuable and often contain quite a bit of gold.
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